Our agency also offers interpretation services in all languages so that oral communication is also a possibility.

We offer various types of interpretation:

  • Simultaneous interpretation: a service in which the speaker’s message is interpreted in another language in real time. This type of interpretation is usually necessary for conventions and conferences.
  • Consecutive interpretation: Interpretation in which the professional interprets the message once the speaker has finished. Consecutive interpretation is the most suitable for press conferences.
  • Liaison interpretation: A very useful interpretation service for events in which several languages are used, and where the message is communicated to different recipients. Its name is due to the interpreter being a liaison between recipients.
  • Sworn interpretation: This type of interpretation can only be performed by a sworn interpreter appointed by the Foreign Office, European Union and Cooperation. The sworn interpretation is usually employed in court for an oral hearing. It is very important that, when hiring this service, you make sure that the sworn interpreter has been officially appointed by the Foreign Office.

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