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    Sworn Translations
    Certified by official translators appointed by the Foreign Office of the Spanish Government
    Specialised Translations
    Our expert and specialised translators provide services in over 100 languages.
    Quality is the key to our success. We hold certificates for the ISO 9001 and UNE-EN 17100:2015 standards.
    Our clients
    Our client base, which includes prestigious institutions, has great trust in our services.

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    We offer services both at national and international level. Urgent translation in all languages.

    Institutional, financial, legal, sworn, economic and technical translations.


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    Sworn translation
    A sworn translator is a professional accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.
    Technical sworn
    Our team boasts translators specialised in the field of professional technical translation.
    Financial translation
    Nowadays, financial translation is important for any business with ambitions to grow to export its business to the foreign market.
    Commercial translation
    These days there are more and more businesses which, due to globalisation, are being launched to try to conquer the international markets.
    Medical translation
    Medical translations must be carried out by translators who specialise in the medical field.
    Urgent translation
    We adjust to your needs, and our team of expert translators can guarantee a high-quality translation within an even better timeframe than the standard one.

    Our clients

    Traducciones iTrad provides translation and interpretation services to a varied and well-established portfolio of clients, either individuals, businesses or institutions

    We are made up of a team of sworn translators appointed by the Foreign Office. Sworn and specialised translations.

    Quality translations in 24 hours

    Years of experience

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