Choosing a translation company instead of a freelancer can significantly impact the quality and delivery speed of the work. In today’s competitive world, where precision and speed are essential, having the backing of a translation company offers multiple advantages that freelancers simply cannot match. Here, we explore the key reasons for opting for a translation company.

Superior Quality: Selection of the Best Translators

One of the most significant advantages of choosing a translation company is the assurance of quality. Translation companies carefully select their translators through rigorous processes to ensure that only the most qualified professionals are part of their team. This contrasts with freelancers, whose selection can be more random and does not always guarantee the same level of competence and professionalism.

Moreover, companies often have access to translators specialised in various fields, such as legal, medical, technical, and more. This ensures that your project is assigned to an expert in the specific subject matter, guaranteeing precise and high-quality translations. Constant supervision and ongoing training are also common practices in companies, keeping translators updated with the latest trends and techniques in translation.

Better Deadlines: Coordination and Available Resources

Time management is crucial in any translation project, and this is where translation companies excel over freelancers. Companies have a team of in-house translators, allowing them to assign projects efficiently and meet established deadlines. If a translator is busy or unavailable, the company can reassign the work to another team member without affecting the delivery time.

In contrast, freelancers work independently and may have limitations regarding availability. If a freelancer is working on multiple projects simultaneously, it can be challenging to meet deadlines or maintain quality. Additionally, personal unforeseen

events can cause significant delays, which is highly unlikely in a company with several available resources.

Constant Availability: A Company is Never on Holiday

Another crucial advantage of choosing a translation company is constant availability. Translation companies operate throughout the year, even while some of their employees are on holiday. This guarantees that someone will always be available to meet your translation needs, regardless of the time of year.

On the other hand, freelancers, working independently, may not be available during their holidays or when they are ill. This can cause inconveniences if an urgent translation is needed during these periods. A company’s ability to offer continuous and consistent services is a key factor for those needing translations within tight deadlines and without interruptions.

Comprehensive Support: More than Just Translation

Choosing a translation company not only ensures quality and availability but also provides comprehensive support that goes beyond simple text translation. Companies often offer additional services such as proofreading, style correction, content localisation, and multilingual project management. This holistic approach ensures that the final result is not only accurate but also culturally and contextually appropriate for the target audience.

Furthermore, translation companies use advanced technology, such as computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and project management software, which optimise the process and ensure terminological consistency and efficiency in every project. These additional resources are not always available to freelancers.


While freelancers may offer a more economical option, the advantages of choosing a translation company are clear and numerous. Superior quality, efficient deadlines, constant availability, and comprehensive support are compelling reasons to opt for a company when professional translation is needed. Translation companies are better equipped to handle complex projects and guarantee high-quality results, making them the preferred choice for those seeking reliability and excellence in their translations. At Traducciones iTrad, you can find the provider for all your linguistic solutions, without stress or unpleasant surprises. Contact us here to request a quote.

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