Commercial Translation


These days there are more and more businesses which, due to globalisation, are being launched to try to conquer the international markets. Commercial translation has become a vital field within the translation business.

Traducciones iTrad boasts a team of translators with knowledge of the specialist terminology in the digital-linguistic field, and knowledge of the cultural differences which may lead to difficulties if they are not taken into account when completing a translation.

The aim of a commercial translation is not simply to translate the words on the page, but to allow for communication between companies in different countries and with different cultures.

The following documents serve as examples of what might be translated within this field:

  • Marketing material such as brochures, newsletters or journals, etc.
  • Reports
  • Correspondence
  • Television adverts
  • Press releases
  • Web pages
  • Advertising spots
  • Product card
  • Shipping notes
  • Landing bills
  • Currency Exchange contracts
  • International distribution contracts
  • Franchise agreements
  • Concession contracts

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