Divulgative and Scientific Translation


Divulgative and scientific translation usually consists of scientific texts or articles published in journals, newspapers or textbooks. These texts can be aimed at the general public without expertise in the topic, or at specific readers with prior knowledge of the field.

When it comes to wording, these texts can contain terminology widely accessible to the public but with high quality content, or they can be more specialized texts directed at other specialists in the field.

The variety among informative and scientific translations is great. As a result, we translate:

  • University publications
  • Doctoral theses
  • Articles in specialist journals
  • Tourism guides
  • Operating programmes
  • Informative leaflets
  • Information manuals
  • Audio guides
  • Essays
  • Opinion columns
  • Web pages

It is imperative that the translation job carried out on divulgative or scientific texts contain both the quality and clarity of the original, and that it communicates the desired information to the target audience.

In our company we have translators who specialise in this type of language and manage to maintain both the style and content of the original divulgative or scientific text in their translations.

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