Nowadays, one of the most frequently translated kinds of documents are bank certificates. By bank certificate we mean any type of document issued by a bank that serves different purposes. Therefore, more and more procedures require the sworn translation of bank certificates. This article will explain which documents are the most common in terms of financial institutions and why their sworn translation is essential.

What kind of bank certificates can be translated?

Currently, many immigration procedures and commercial transactions require the presentation of some type of bank certificate. However, if our intention is to present any of these documents in another country, a sworn translation is required in order to prove its international and official validity. But, what type of bank certificates are the most common?

● Bank ownership certificate: this is a document issued by a bank indicating the holder of a bank account.

● Balance certificate: a document that reports the balance and interest on an account, card, etc. held by a particular bank holder.

● Financial solvency certificate: this is a document that proves that a person has sufficient financial resources for a specific purpose.

● Bank statements: these are used to consult the balance available in an account, as well as the bank transactions carried out during a given period. Find out more about this type of documents in the following link.

When is a sworn translation of bank certificates necessary?

The sworn translation of bank certificates is essential when presenting this type of document in any procedure before the Public Administration of any country. Similarly, it may also be required for private institutions when you need to prove that you receive a certain amount of income.

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