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Sworn Translation
A sworn translator is a professional accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.
Technical Translation
These types of documents are primarily characterised by the precise terminology of their texts, meaning a professional translator specialising in the field is required.
Financial Translation
Nowadays, financial translation is important for any business desiring to expand and enter the foreign market.
Commercial Translation
Commercial translation has become an essential field because of globalisation.
Medical Translation
Carried out by translators specialising in the medical field.
Urgent Translation
Our team of expert translators guarantee high-quality translations within an even shorter timeframe than the standard one.

Sworn translator in Barcelona

If you need a sworn translator in Barcelona or its neighbouring boroughs such as Casteldefels, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Badalona, Sitges, Mataró o Igualada, don’t hesitate to visit our sworn translation office. It is situated in one of the best areas of Barcelona. At our sworn translation agency, you can get your translation signed and stamped by a sworn translator accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. Find us at 409 Avinguda Diagonal, on the 1st floor, level with Carrer de Balmes and near to the Diagonal metro stop (metro lines L3 and L5). Very near to the Casa Amèrica Catalunya, the Brazilian Consulate, and the Consulate of the Dominican Republic.

We are in one of the main business areas of the city. Come and visit us and we will provide a quote and timeframe for the sworn translation without obligation. If you are short of time and cannot visit our offices, you can send a scanned copy of your translation.

What is sworn translation?

Any public or private document may require a sworn translation. Since a sworn translation certifies and attests to the content of a document, it is always carried out by a translator accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Furthermore, sworn translations bear the seal and signature of the translator, and are accompanied by the original documents, dated, and signed by the sworn translator. Moreover, the sworn translator attests that the translation is a true copy of the contents of the original document, which is written in another language. You should make sure that the translation carrying out your translation is certified as a sworn translator. You can consult the list of all official sworn translators.

We make sure that your iTrad sworn translator in Barcelona is on this list of official translators published by the Ministry.

Traducciones iTrad – Sworn Translators in Barcelona. Your sworn translation agency in Barcelona

In Barcelona, Traducciones iTrad has a team of sworn translators for all languages. Additionally, they have specialist experience in different fields such as medicine, law, astronomy, and psychology, among others. Therefore, we will be able to carry out any translation that we receive to a high standard. We have sworn translators in English, French, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, and even Bulgarian, Chinese, and Japanese.

On another hand, we also have a team of proofreaders for all languages, equally specialised and highly qualified. For this reason, our translation agency in Barcelona guarantees the highest quality and precision in all the translations we carry out, always adhering to the quality standards required by regulations. We gained the ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 certifications in 2016, so the quality of our work is of the highest standard.

Types of documents to be translated

Any document containing personal data that is subject to the data privacy policy law is subject to sworn translation. Equally, any document required by administrative bodies which is written in another language, or any document written in Spanish which is required in another country are subject to sworn translation.

Some examples of these types of documents are:

The stamp and signature of the sworn translator guarantees that the sworn translation has the same legality as the original document.

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