Sworn Translation


What is a sworn translator and what is a sworn translation?

A sworn translator is a professional accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. With their signature and stamp, a sworn translator attests the veracity of the content of their sworn translation with respect to the original document, making the translation officially valid.


The purpose of a sworn translation is to bestow the translated document the same legal value as the original document by providing it with international legal validity.

Types of documents to be translated

Many types of documents can undergo a sworn translation. Usually among the official documents translated are:

  • Legal documents: divorce decrees, court decisions, notifications…
  • Registration documents: municipal registration certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, criminal record certificates.
  • Medical documents: medical clearance certificates, analyses, medical reports, among others.
  • Academic documents: records, degree certificates, certificates issued by secretariats.
  • Business documents: memoranda of association, annual account balances, tax and social security certificates, powers of representation.
  • Notarial documents: powers of representation, testimonies, memoranda of association.

Therefore, you should take care not to confuse the procedure of sworn translations with legal translations that, grosso modo, are those which handle legal matters.

The sworn translator attests that their translation is true to the original document.

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