This article is going to look at the terms of a business memorandum. A memorandum- or “memo”- is a short document used to transmit information within an organisation. It is essential that they are direct and easy to navigate. The aim for a memorandum is to for workers who may be busy to be able to quickly read and understand the whole message. Memorandums can be used for communicating policies, procedures, or calls for action. So then, how do we write efficient memorandums?


Firstly, as a business document, a memorandum is representing your business. It should therefore be formal, and written in a professional style. Saying this, it is key that it is short and specific. The aim is to convey your message as efficiently as possible, so keep your memorandum direct. You don’t need to waste any time with pleasantries or filler- get straight to the point.

Additionally, keeping an objective tone keeps messages clear. Avoiding any subjective statements removes the potential for ambiguity or misunderstandings.  Similarly, you should maintain a neutral or positive tone. Don’t be overly negative.

Finally, ensure that you keep in mind the recipient of the memorandum. If it is a general email, keep language clear. Don’t use jargon or abbreviations that not everyone will know, as this is counterintuitive to the aim of clear communication.


The subject line is an important feature of a memorandum. Ideally, it should sum up in a few words the contents of the message. They should be as specific as possible.

Present the main point first. The recipient will want to understand the point of the memo as soon as possible. Therefore, clearly state the policy, procedure or message at the beginning. Supporting details should come after the conclusion in a memorandum. Sentences should be short and active; avoid any superfluous detail. If your memorandum is a long one, then it should include an executive summary. This is a short section that presents the main point, then quickly summarises all main facts, arguments and evidence. Again, this aids rapid understanding. Furthermore, headings should be used to signal structure. These allow the reader to find the part of the memorandum that they need.

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