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We offer our services in institutional, financial, legal, sworn, economic and technical translations at both national and international levels,

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Sworn Translation
Sworn Translation
What is a sworn translator and what is a sworn translation?
A sworn translator is a professional accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. With their signature and stamp, a sworn translator attests the veracity of the content of their sworn translation with respect to the original document, making the translation officially valid.

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The purpose of a sworn translation is to bestow the translated document the same legal value as the original document by providing it with international legal validity.
Many types of documents can undergo a sworn translation. Usually among the official documents translated are:
  • Legal documents: divorce decrees, court decisions, notifications…
  • Registration documents: municipal registration certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, criminal record certificates.
  • Medical documents: medical clearance certificates, analyses, medical reports, among others.
  • Academic documents: records, degree certificates, certificates issued by secretariats.
  • Business documents: memoranda of association, annual account balances, tax and social security certificates, powers of representation.
  • Notarial documents: powers of representation, testimonies, memoranda of association.
Therefore, you should take care not to confuse the procedure of sworn translations with legal translations that, grosso modo, are those which handle legal matters.
The sworn translator attests that their translation is true to the original document.

Technical Translation
Technical Translation

Our team boasts translators specialised in the field of professional technical translation. These types of documents are primarily characterised by the precise terminology of their texts, which means that translating them is not an easy job and they must be done by a professional translator who specialises in that technical field.

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Among the documents which require technical translations, there are:

  • Engineering and/or architectural reports.
  • Patents
  • Certificates of quality.
  • Instruction manuals.
  • Parts catalogues.
  • Product labels.
  • Forensic reports.
  • User manuals.
  • White papers.
  • Professional training manuals.
  • Technical proposals.
  • Technical data sheets.
  • Catalogues
  • Safety procedure manuals.

Since we live in a globalised world and businesses have to reach and get in touch with their clients, our team of translators offers a service perfectly adapted to these needs.

The Traducciones iTrad translators and proof-readers hold degrees in Translation and Interpretation or Languages and, besides, they have received additional training in various scientific and technical fields, which allows them to provide translations with the necessary level of precision.
At Traducciones iTrad, we comply with the ISO 17100 international quality regulation, according to which all translations must be subjected to a process of subsequent checking. Compliance with this regulation ensures that the client receives a technical translation of a high quality.

Medical Translation
Medical Translation

Our agency also offers medical translation services. Medical translations must be carried out by translators who specialise in the medical field.

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In this field, the use of very technical lexicon requires the translator to possess both great precision and an important wealth of knowledge of medical terms, in both their native and translation languages.

Likewise, we guarantee that your documents will be translated with the utmost quality demanded by the ISO 1700 international regulation. Medical translation includes professional medical translations, pharmaceutical translations, medical technology translations and other translations within the field of healthcare. We offer medical translations of the following documents:

  • Medical reports
  • Clinical studies
  • Scientific articles
  • Research
  • Product declarations
  • Medication leaflets
  • Pharmaceutical technology
  • Patient care
  • Health management
  • Nutrition
  • Surgical assistance
  • Radiology
  • Medical devices
  • Laboratory technologies

Financial Translation
Financial Translation

Globalisation has brought with it the issuing of numerous economic texts, such as annual account balances, memorandums of association, or banking documents.

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Nowadays, it is important for any business with growth ambitions to export its business to the foreign market, and the translation of economic documents will be essential in order to bring about the desired growth.

At Traducciones iTrad we have a team of translators trained in different economic fields who can carry out their work in any combination of languages.

This type of translation is usually commissioned by private businesses hoping to achieve a public contract by means of a bidding process in a foreign country, or who wish to export their product, thereby internationalising their services.

In the economic field, the documents mentioned below may be translated:

  • Annual account balances
  • External or internal audits
  • Invoices
  • Insurance or guarantee policies, or loan or investment contracts.
  • Mortgage contracts
  • Market research
  • Accounting documents
  • Background documentation
  • Bank certificates
  • Memorandums of association
  • Banking movement reports
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Consolidated financial statements
  • Cash flow statements

By way of example, the translation of the Bank of Spain’s webpage can attest to Traducciones iTrad’s experience in this field.

Since all of this documentation is usually confidential, Traducciones iTrad has a data privacy policy.

Commercial Translation
Commercial Translation

These days there are more and more businesses which, due to globalisation, are being launched to try to conquer the international markets. Commercial translation has become a vital field within the translation business.

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Traducciones iTrad boasts a team of translators with knowledge of the specialist terminology in the digital-linguistic field, and knowledge of the cultural differences which may lead to difficulties if they are not taken into account when completing a translation.

The aim of a commercial translation is not simply to translate the words on the page, but to allow for communication between companies in different countries and with different cultures.

The following documents serve as examples of what might be translated within this field:

  • Marketing material such as brochures, newsletters or journals, etc.
  • Reports
  • Correspondence
  • Television adverts
  • Press releases
  • Web pages
  • Advertising spots
  • Product card
  • Shipping notes
  • Landing bills
  • Currency Exchange contracts
  • International distribution contracts
  • Franchise agreements
  • Concession contracts

Web Translation
Web Translation

In the digital age we now live in, it is vital for any business wishing to sell its product to have a web page available in various languages to further increase its potential for business.

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Traducciones iTrad’s translators who specialise in translating web pages not only have an excellent knowledge of the language required, but are also familiar with the specific programmes and codes used in the online world.

Since nowadays this is one of the most sought after types of translation jobs, and it is becoming more important each day, we don’t only have expert translators who specialise in the field, but they also go through a painstaking checking process in order to guarantee an impeccable translation ready to be published online.

Social networks have become the principal method of communication when using our mobile devices. We also provide specialised translators who translate social network content such as that found on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Our team of translators and proof readers will make it possible for your company to communicate smoothly and effectively online.

Institutional Translation
Institutional Translation

Here at Traducciones iTrad, we are home to a vast team of translators, proof-readers and project managers, which allows us to provide services to public bodies and to adapt to the needs of each specific job, thereby guaranteeing maximum quality at all times.

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Traducciones iTrad is committed to provide translations of the highest quality for all institutions, and to firmly stick to the delivery time, whether urgent or not.

Our qualified translators and interpreters also have additional training in various areas, such as environmental matters or defence policy, which allows us to select the translators and proof readers best suited for each job, regardless of whether the institution requires a translation or an interpretation.

Within the area of institutional translation, the main documents which we translate are:

  • Official State Journals
  • Royal Decrees
  • Reports
  • Official responses
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Work contracts
  • Framework contracts
  • Services contracts
  • Insurance policies
  • Other agreements
  • General contract conditions
  • Court rulings
  • Purchase requests and/or orders
  • Legislation and regulations
  • Patents
  • Claims
  • Permits
  • Other documents

Our work with various public bodies, such as the Spanish Agrarian Guarantee Fund of the Ministry of Agriculture, or the Environment Department of the Regional Government of Andalusia, serves as proof of Traducciones iTrad’s experience in taking on jobs in this sector.

Divulgative and Scientific Translation
Divulgative and Scientific Translation

Divulgative and scientific translation usually consists of scientific texts or articles published in journals, newspapers or textbooks. These texts can be aimed at the general public without expertise in the topic, or at specific readers with prior knowledge of the field.

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When it comes to wording, these texts can contain terminology widely accessible to the public but with high quality content, or they can be more specialized texts directed at other specialists in the field.

The variety among informative and scientific translations is great. As a result, we translate:

  • University publications
  • Doctoral theses
  • Articles in specialist journals
  • Tourism guides
  • Operating programmes
  • Informative leaflets
  • Information manuals
  • Audio guides
  • Essays
  • Opinion columns
  • Web pages

It is imperative that the translation job carried out on divulgative or scientific texts contain both the quality and clarity of the original, and that it communicates the desired information to the target audience.

In our company we have translators who specialise in this type of language and manage to maintain both the style and content of the original divulgative or scientific text in their translations.

Academic Translation
Academic Translation

Thanks to the different agreements which exist between various universities in our globalised world, students can access various exchange programmes in order to study at a foreign university and thus complement their academic training.

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When it comes to international education, it becomes necessary to recognise the studies carried out at a foreign university.

In order to validate these studies, it is necessary to present sworn translations of various documentation to different public bodies such as schools, universities or the Ministry of Education.

At Traducciones iTrad, we have a team of sworn translators who specialise in the education field, from basic education right up to doctorate level.

Sworn translations can be made of the following educational documents:

  • Certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Degrees
  • Academic transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Cover letters
  • Receipts
  • Proof of payment of academic fees


The internet has very much become the “door to the world”, and there is no better way to communicate with that world than with publicity and an excellent marketing campaign. Such tasks not only require a great deal of experience and impressive linguistic knowledge, but also the necessary creativity to convey the desired message in the target language.

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Good content must be attractive to the person reading the translation, not simply provide concise information. This is exactly the service we offer in the language you need.

Our translators will personally get in touch with the client to ask them extensively about key matters relating to the marketing, for example, among others, who the intended audience is, and the effect they wish the campaign to have on said audience.

What’s more, while on the topic of marketing translation, is it vital to mention the SEO translations (Search Engine Optimization) which play an ever more important role in global interconnectivity. With a multilingual international presence, any business has the opportunity to position itself globally in the best places on Google and other search engines, thus directing information and material to the user in the optimal form for the market and the intended audience.

Urgent Translation
Urgent Translation

Do you urgently need a translation? No problem. We adjust to your needs, and our team of expert translators can guarantee a high-quality translation within an even better timeframe than the standard one.

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We are a large team of multilingual translators who specialise in multiple areas, which allows us to be able to stick to the timeframes required by the client without jeopardising the quality of our work. Whenever you ask us for a quote, you can tell us that it is urgent, so we can take this into account when providing the quote and deadline.

You are our priority!


Our agency also offers interpretation services in all languages so that oral communication is also a possibility.

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We offer various types of interpretation:

  • Simultaneous interpretation: a service in which the speaker’s message is interpreted in another language in real time. This type of interpretation is usually necessary for conventions and conferences.
  • Consecutive interpretation: Interpretation in which the professional interprets the message once the speaker has finished. Consecutive interpretation is the most suitable for press conferences.
  • Liaison interpretation: A very useful interpretation service for events in which several languages are used, and where the message is communicated to different recipients. Its name is due to the interpreter being a liaison between recipients.
  • Sworn interpretation: This type of interpretation can only be performed by a sworn interpreter appointed by the Foreign Office, European Union and Cooperation. The sworn interpretation is usually employed in court for an oral hearing. It is very important that, when hiring this service, you make sure that the sworn interpreter has been officially appointed by the Foreign Office.

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