Imagine trying to purchase something with the product details badly translated or written in a foreign language. How would you feel as a potential customer? Would you trust the brand? Would you consider buying the item? Or would you look for a similar product or service in your native language? This article will explore the necessity for accurate Translation and Marketing in order to establish a successful brand across multiple customer bases.

What is marketing?

Marketing is the process of promoting products and services with the objective of selling them and increasing brand awareness. This usually entails market research and different forms of advertising, for example newspaper, television, or social media.

Effective marketing allows a company to establish its brand and create a positive image, thereby progressively increasing revenue and decreasing customer acquisition costs. In business, this is called ROI (return on investment). However, in order to create a global brand and appeal to different audiences, marketing strategies must be translated and adapted.

The importance of accurate translations

To compete with other multinational companies, businesses must continue to expand and explore new markets. Customers will almost always buy products from websites translated into their native language, and naturally check the price in their currency.

Providing marketing, a website and product details accurately translated into a language increases customer satisfaction which is likely to increase profits. Customers are more likely to purchase something fully understanding the product and knowing they will be able to communicate with the customer service team if necessary. If a website is poorly translated, or not translated at all, they will look elsewhere.

But it’s not simply about linguistics…

While translating information in a grammatically correct way is important, marketing in another language also requires consideration of cultural and legislative aspects. For example, translations must consider local history, religious views, cultural values, and other factors so that content is relatable and establishes a connection with the audience, simultaneously building trust in the brand.

It takes time to get to know your audience and a specialised set of knowledge and creativity to communicate with them. You can save time and money by employing human translators, who speak both languages and understand the people and culture. Effective marketing combined with creative translation will eventually create a long-term relationship with your customer bases all over the world, and rapidly increase profits.

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