Translating a document is an extremely important and complex task. Nowadays, translation is necessary for the spreading of new information, knowledge and ideas. It also helps businesses and individuals communicate effectively with other people or administrations. Even if the English language is pretty much everywhere, there may be plenty of formalities abroad which may need an official or sworn translation. With all that being said, it can be clearly seen that translation is everywhere and is far more important than originally thought. Many people have already benefited from the effects of good translations and it is still very much needed in our world today. Companies, schools, individuals, etc., need to reach people abroad, as well as to travel and live overseas. Therefore, we would like to help you answer the following question: Do you need a Spanish translation?

Sworn translation

There are certain documents that need to be stamped by a sworn translator, who is a professional accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to give legal validity to the translation of a foreign document by means of his or her stamp and signature. If we have to present a document originally in another language to an official body (public administration, notary’s office, academic institution, court, etc.), it will need to be translated by a sworn translator. Documents such as academic certificates, deeds, contracts, marriage and birth certificates, sentences, criminal records, powers of attorney… and many more, require a sworn translation.

Educational purposes

Are you planning to study abroad? You may need to translate several documents to enrol in a foreign school or university. These may include an academic record or transcript, a university syllabus, diplomas, etc. Since your degree may require to be validated, it is important to hold an officially translated copy of these documents. If you are a researcher, you may also need to publish research papers in English or in other languages to reach a wider readership.

Administration and visa application

Are you moving abroad? Do you have family living elsewhere and need to carry out formalities overseas? You may need to translate several documents to deal with daily matters. These may include birth certificates, IDs, passports, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, death certificates, etc. The translation of these documents may constitute governmental requirements when applying for visa and residency in Spain. In addition to the above, you may be asked to present criminal records, proofs of income, annual accounts, affidavits, medical certificates, certificates of medical insurance, etc.

Legal and fiscal matters

Finally, among many other documents, you may need sworn translations for legal and fiscal matters. These comprise a wide range of sectors and formalities. Either as a company or as an individual, you may be required to translate certain documents such as information on taxes, residency, immigration documents, property deeds, articles of association, powers of attorney, sale and purchase contracts, wills, employment contracts, etc.

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