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All those who have completed their studies abroad and want to validate them, or who want to continue their academic career at a foreign university, will need the sworn translation of:

  • School or university qualifications. We carry out the official translation of your qualification so that the educational or professional training received, examinations and relevant tests may be recognised.
  • Academic transcripts. If what you need is an official translation of your academic file, we are also qualified to convey the qualifications obtained through your studies in the language requested.


Everyone thinking of working abroad to gain work experience usually needs the sworn translation of:

  • Career statement. We translate all your registration and cancellation statuses of any social security system.
  • Criminal records. With our translation, you will be able to attest internationally to your lack of criminal record.
  • Medical reports. These documents issued by healthcare professionals will be valid in Spain once we have carried out their sworn translation.
  • Letters of recommendation. Turn to iTrad so that future foreign businesses may see your successes in previous jobs.
  • CV. We will provide translations of all skills, training and experience you have so far acquired so far.


For couples of mixed nationalities who wish to get married, they will be able to request the sworn translation of:

  • Certificate of single status. We will provide an official translation which can attest to your marital status.
  • Divorce certificate, if required. We are qualified to translate all basic information regarding spouses, such as the date and location of the end of the marriage.
  • Birth certificate. In order to provide proof of a birth internationally.
  • Baptism certificate. With our translation, you will be able to prove the date and place of baptism.


Any foreign national who wishes to apply for citizenship must present the following translated documents:

  • Birth certificate. In order to have international evidence of a birth, we will translate all the data included in this certificate, such as the date and time of birth or the sex and name of the new born.
  • Criminal records certificate from your country of origin. With our translation you will be able to provide proof of your lack of criminal record internationally.
  • Career statement. We will translate all your registration and cancellation statuses of all the jobs you may have had throughout your life.
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